This Company Tapped AI for Its Website—and Landed in Court

Automating the work of complying with those guidelines could make the web more welcoming. But more than 600 accessibility experts have put their names to a document asking website operators to not use such automation tools, including AccessiBe. Signers include contributors to W3C guidelines and employees of Microsoft, Apple, and Google. “Automated detection and repair […]

RE:WIRED 2021: Timnit Gebru Says Artificial Intelligence Needs to Slow Down

Artificial intelligence researchers are facing a problem of accountability: How do you try to ensure decisions are responsible when the decision maker is not a responsible person, but rather an algorithm? Right now, only a handful of people and organizations have the power—and resources—to automate decision making. Organizations rely on AI to approve a loan […]

The Long Search for a Brain Computer Interface That Speaks Your Mind

Here’s the research setup: A woman speaks Dutch into a microphone, while 11 tiny needles made of platinum and iridium record her brain waves. The 20-year-old volunteer has epilepsy, and her doctors stuck those 2-millimeter-long bits of metal—each studded with up to 18 electrodes—into the front and left side of her brain in hopes of […]

The Turing Test Is Bad For Business

Fears of Artificial intelligence fill the news: job losses, inequality, discrimination, misinformation, or even a superintelligence dominating the world. The one group everyone assumes will benefit is business, but the data seems to disagree. Amid all the hype, US businesses have been slow in adopting the most advanced AI technologies, and there is little evidence […]