32 Best Black Friday Video Game Deals (2021): Accessories, Switch, PC, PlayStation, Xbox

SteelSeries Arctis 3 Photograph: SteelSeries Amazon, Best Buy We like the Bluetooth Arctis 3 as a wireless headset, particularly when paired with the Nintendo Switch. However, if it’s more important for you to have one headset for all your consoles rather than going wireless, this corded version is an inexpensive option with great audio quality […]

The Polish Simulator Company Gamers Love to Hate

PlayWay S.A. is one of the strangest companies in Poland’s booming games industry—and also one of the most successful. The company has built an expansive catalog of strangely mundane games, mostly first-person simulators that let players live out vocational fantasies, such as working in an auto shop, renovating houses, or managing a gas station. While […]

‘Dragon Ball FighterZ’ and the Elusive Art of Anime Adaptation

Part of this is accomplished aesthetically. The designs in Dragon Ball are iconic, with the spiky-haired, beefy Goku and his friends often seeming like shorthand for an anime cast in general. Dragon Ball FighterZ’s 2.5D graphics look like an anime battle that you just happen to be controlling. This is, at the very least, nostalgically […]

The Best Crossplay Games for Consoles and PC

Crossplay games—that is, games you can play online with people on consoles or platforms different than yours—are increasingly common but also increasingly fractured. Some games are available only in a couple of places, and it’s often unclear why some platforms are supported for crossplay and others aren’t.  Here, we rounded up the best games that […]