TikTok’s Next Big Move? To Become Facebook

The way ByteDance does that could be by following in the footsteps of Facebook. After establishing a key base through its core app in the early 2000s, the tech giant, now called Meta, expanded its ecosystem through acquisitions of WhatsApp and Instagram, as well as by becoming a single sign-in source for other services. It […]

How Facebook Could Break Free From the Engagement Trap

So what’s a better way to think about addressing these problems from a design perspective? This question is one of the reasons why we founded the Institute, because there’s actually been a handful of things that have been tried in the space, to varying degrees of success, but a lot of that knowledge exists within […]

Randonauting Promised Adventure. It Led to Dumpsters

I encounter the same problem when I fire up the app in search of meaning. I may have briefly tried to retcon an explanation (the truck left behind tuna as it drove away … Douglas Adams wrote “so long, and thanks for all the fish” in The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, which also famously […]

Twitter Blue Is for People Who Love Reading the News

Should you get Twitter Blue? That depends on whether you consider yourself a “power user.” The platform’s new subscription service, which costs $3 per month, comes with a suite of requested features: bookmark folders for organizing saved tweets, a “reading mode” that declutters long threads, and a (sort of) edit button, good for 30 seconds […]