India’s New Rules for Map Data Betray Its Small Farmers 

The geospatial data regulations are part of a bigger picture. They’re the latest in a series of reforms—land reforms, proposed farm laws, amendments to the Forest Act, new drone regulations and land digitalization schemes—that are all positioned as being beneficial to individuals, but which make it easier for private corporations to enter these sectors.  In […]

A Black Woman Invented Home Security. Why Did It Go So Wrong?

Amazon is not the only one. This trend can also be seen with the rise of automated license plate reader systems for individual neighborhoods, Google’s partnership with ADT, and the company’s launch of “smart” security cameras that offer the ability to define “events” to record, recognize friendly faces, and detect noises such as glass breaking. […]

1.8 TB of Police Helicopter Surveillance Footage Leaks Online

“It’s a crystal-clear example of why mass surveillance makes our society less safe, not more safe,” says Evan Greer, deputy director of the digital rights group Fight for the Future, of the data leak. “Both corporations and governments are terrible at safeguarding the sensitive data that they collect.” Police drones have gotten a lot of […]

States Are Toughening Up on Genetic Privacy

If you’ve ever spit into a plastic tube or swabbed your cheek and mailed your saliva away to learn about your ancestry or health risks, you might have assumed that the company analyzing your DNA is legally required to keep your genetic data private. But you’d be wrong. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, […]