Good Luck Trying to Fix the Supply Chain Crisis

Cole’s experience hints at the range of factors currently buckling the global supply chain. First, the items were manufactured incorrectly, which Cole’s suppliers blamed on the rationing of power in China as the country attempts to lurch away from coal power; then Cole’s contacts in China couldn’t find a cargo ship to fulfill the order. […]

How the Jaguar, King of the Forest, Might Save Its Ecosystem

As the region’s apex predator, jaguars keep the ecosystem in balance, say the scientists. “If you remove an apex predator from an environment, you could unleash an explosive mushrooming in the population of other species, which in turn could wreak havoc on the habitat, leading to its complete collapse,” says Zarza Villaneuva. “By tracking the […]

As the Nation Reopens, Americans Are on the Road Again

MC: That would be silicone. AM: It’s a little silicone collapsy thing. LG: Good thing it’s not silicon because there’d be a global shortage of the collapsible tea kettles. AM: Right, right, right. LG: This sounds really cool and I would be very tempted to buy it, mostly because I just think foldable and collapsible […]

The Pandemic Put an End to Rush Hour. What Happens Now?

Before everything got weird and terrible, there were these things called rush hours. Between, say, 6 am and 10 am, many people would leave their homes to go to work or school, filling roads, buses, subway cars, and bike lanes. Then, from 3 pm to 7 pm, they would reverse their travels. Then came the […]