Telegram Is Becoming a Cesspool of Anti-Semitic Content

In the past few months, Telegram has skyrocketed in popularity, hitting 550 million monthly active users in July 2021, which makes it the fifth-most-used messaging app in the world. And as a wave of government-mandated internet shutdowns washes over the world, the app has been praised for its resistance to censorship and its role in […]

How the Far Right Exploded on Steam and Discord

Since the online harassment campaign known as Gamergate, in which sections of the gaming world hounded female journalists with rape, bomb, and death threats, it’s been presumed that gaming culture has an extremism problem. Yet the specifics of this relationship have remained unclear. How widespread is the problem? How do extremists use games? And, of […]

Beware ‘Smokescreen Trolling,’ Trump Followers’ Favorite Tactic

Earlier this week, on Flag Day, Senator Ted Cruz tweeted a video in which he gazed at Old Glory and recited the Pledge of Allegiance. “This didn’t use [sic] to be controversial,” he lamented. Rhetorically, there’s no way to describe the post other than “trolling.” And politically, there’s no way to describe it other than […]

They Role-Played Fascism in ‘Roblox’. Were They Fashies IRL?

Earlier this year, Ferguson took me to Rome. Or rather, he took me to a dusty, far-flung Roman outpost called Parthia, which, for complex reasons involving a catfish and some stolen source code, is the most Malcolm ever got around to building. My avatar materialized beyond the settlement’s walls, beside some concrete storehouses. The label […]