Island Nations Unable to Attend UN Climate Talks May Vanish

There have also been holdups with visas for delegates seeking to enter the UK. Maria Aguilar, an associate lawyer at the Colombian nonprofit Ambiente y Sociedad says she applied for a visa to attend COP26 on July 27 but that it only arrived on October 20, a day before her flight. “So the whole planning […]

This AI predicts how old children are. Can it keep them safe?

Predicting how old someone is based only on how they look is incredibly hard to get right, especially in those awkward early teen years. And yet bouncers, liquor store owners, and other age-restricted goods gatekeepers make that quick estimation all the time. Their predictions are often wrong. Now London-based digital identity company Yoti believes its […]

Telegram Is Becoming a Cesspool of Anti-Semitic Content

In the past few months, Telegram has skyrocketed in popularity, hitting 550 million monthly active users in July 2021, which makes it the fifth-most-used messaging app in the world. And as a wave of government-mandated internet shutdowns washes over the world, the app has been praised for its resistance to censorship and its role in […]

‘Metroid Dread’ Is Let Down by Its Boring Robot Villains

Robot design tends to fall into one of two camps. In the first, they look like us; in the second, they look like tools, their bodies molded toward a particular function. And like tools, this second camp of robots—the smartphones of the robot universe—have tended to look very similar and require some thought on the […]