Live Dungeons & Dragons Shows Are Inviting More Players to the Table

Whether in a classroom, a friend-filled apartment, or a neighborhood game shop, tabletop role-playing games (TTRPGs) bring gamers together to create adventure-filled worlds and characters to explore them. Ruled by grit, teamwork, and a bit of luck, TTRPGs are, in theory, a dynamic activity for friend groups. But the TTRPG space hasn’t historically been welcoming […]

13 Best Horror Games to Play This Halloween (2021)

Horror and games are a match made in heaven (or maybe hell). Sure, the best horror movies are frightening, but add a layer of control and immersion, and you can truly terrify anyone. Sometimes it feels good to be scared. Horror games can even help you deal with real-life anxiety.  Halloween is the perfect time […]

Games Can Show Us How to Enact Justice in the Metaverse

It was 2016, and Jordan Belamire was excited to experience QuiVr, a new fantastical virtual reality game, for the first time. With her husband and brother-in-law looking on, she put on a VR headset and became immersed in a snowy landscape. Represented by a disembodied set of floating hands along with a quiver, bow, and […]

Restoration Games Is Giving Vintage Board Games a Modern Revival

There is a feeling, among millennials, that the tabletop scene was in the stone age until 1996. That’s the year that Settlers of Catan made landfall in the United States, as lunch halls, dorm lounges, and kitchen tables around the country fell head over heels for Klaus Teuber’s miraculous contraption.  Catan remains the most successful […]