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WWE 2K22 Reveals New Face Scanning System

May 20, 2021 - Posted in Games Posted by:

There’s a lot riding on WWE 2K22, after 2K20 released to abysmal reviews and 2K21 was cancelled outright. The development team at Visual Concepts has been sharing new behind the scenes clips teasing new systems and re-worked graphics, starting with a brand-new face scanning rig.

The clip shows WWE stars Booker T and Ric Flair being scanned into the game, with the two wrestlers pulling various faces for the cameras to capture. The tweet says the new rig includes “80 high resolution cameras and all-new software to map everything to a high-precision 3D sculpt.”

To make #WWE2K22 Hit Different, we built a brand new scanning rig, with 80 high resolution cameras and all-new software to map everything to a high-precision 3D sculpt. Can you dig it, sucka? WOOO!

— WWE2K Dev (@WWE2Kdev) May 19, 2021

Developer Patrick Gilmore also shared that the facial scanning for WWE 2K22 has been done on a larger scale than the game has seen in years. “I think at least five years since we’ve captured so many superstars,” he said, adding that they had been scanning “coast to coast in the US and even in Europe this year.”

To be ready to scan at a moment’s notice, we actually built a second trailer and sent it to Orlando and Tampa. But first we had to test it in California. Who can guess which amazing superstar volunteered to help us test–and became the first to be scanned for WWE2K22?

— Patrick Gilmore (@MrEpilog) May 19, 2021

Gilmore added that the team built a second trailer to send over to Florida, though the rig was first tested by California-based Bayley, who became the first superstar scanned for 2K20.

As part of regular behind the scene updates promised by the WWE 2K22 team, another tweet shared a superstar entrance in the making, with the video showing the various steps to building a show-stopping entrance.

WWE 2K22 was first announced at Wrestlemania 37 in April this year. The game doesn’t currently have a release date or platforms announced.

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